Trapper Creek, AK Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Trapper Creek, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bear Creek Mining Bearcreek Mining/ Charles I. Andreson Federal Gold
Bear Creeks Gold
Bird Creek Gold
Bird Creek Gold
Bird Creek Placer Gold
Blueberry Ridge Federal Gold
Bradley Federal Gold
Bradley Scheelite Gold
Bunco Creek State Gold
Buster State Gold
Buster & Gomphonema State Gold
Cache Creek State Gold
Cache Creek Gold
Cache Creek Area Gold
Cache Creek Area, including Spruce Creek Gold
Camp Creek Gold
Canyon Creek Gold
Canyon Creek Gold
Canyon Creek Placers Gold
Chulitna River State Gold
Coal Creek Federal Gold
Colby Gold
Colby Federal Gold
Columbia Creek C. Walls State Gold
Cottonwood Creek State Gold
Cummins National Park Gold
Deep Creek State Gold
Dog Creek State Gold
Eddie N. Koontz Gladys N. And Bronell M. Arnold Federal Gold
Falls Creek James Beaver Mixed Gold
Falls Gulch State Gold
Felsite 1-2 State Gold
First Creek Gold
First Creek Federal Gold
Gold Creek Gold
Gold Creek Federal Gold
Gopher Gold
Kahiltna River Gold
Little Bear Creek State Gold
Little Willow Creek State Gold
Long Creek Earl Foster State Gold
Martin Creek State Gold
Mount Goldie Gold
Nugget Creek Gold
Nugget Creek James Beaver Federal Gold
Nugget Creek Gold
Nugget Creek Placer Gold
Peters Creek Gold
Peters Creek Hall Yentna Mining Co. State Surface Gold
Pioneer Creek State Gold
Poorman Creek Gold
Poorman Creek B. S Mining Co. State Gold
Ramsdyke Creek State Gold
Rocky Cummins Gold
Ruby Creek Gold
Second Creek Federal Gold
String Creek State Gold
Thunder Creek Gold
Thunder Creek Gold
Thunder Creek James Hooser, Ralph Pott, Eugene Thompson Mixed Gold
Tokositna River State Gold
Tracy 1-2 State Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Gold
Upper Cache Creek Placers Gold
Upper Nugget Creek Gold
Upper Nugget Creek Federal Gold
Whistler Creek State Gold
Willow Creek Gold
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