Tanacross, AK Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Tanacross, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alteration Private Silver
Alteration Creek Occurrence Silver
Carrie Creek Silver
Cities Service Minerals Corp. State Silver
Delta Silver
Eagle Creek BLM Administrative Area Silver
Elizabeth Silver
Gold Quartz Federal Silver
Gold-Quartz Silver
Grubstake Creek Silver
Grubstake Creek State Silver
Indian Silver
Indian State Silver
J-26 Silver
Knub Ridge State Silver
Lost Creek Frey, James D. BLM Administrative Area Silver
Mineral Point Private Silver
Molly Creek Lodes State Silver
Mosquito Silver
Mosquito Prospect BLM Administrative Area Silver
Neversweat Silver
Silver 1-43 State Silver
Silver Bowl State Silver
Silver Creek Silver
Silver Creek Federal Silver
Silver Shield Silver
Silver Shield Federal Silver
Slana River State Silver
Slope Creek Silver
Slope Creek Silver
Slope Creek Federal Silver
Slope Creek State Silver
T8s, R21e Lode Federal Silver
The Dome State Silver
Tom Burns Silver
Unnamed Silver
Unnamed (east-northeast of VABM Cobb) Silver
Unnamed (headwaters of the East Fork of Indian Creek) Silver
Unnamed (northeast of the head of Quartz Creek) Silver
Unnamed (southwest of Hill 4410) Silver
Unnamed (southwest of Long Lake) Silver
Unnamed Occurrence State Silver
Unnamed Occurrence State Silver
Unnamed Occurrence Federal Silver
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