Sand Point, AK Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Sand Point, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Altair Lead
Amethyst Lead
Ankle Creek Lead
Antonette Lead
Apollo Daughrty Petroleum Inc. (Sub Of Aari) BLM Administrative Area Underground Lead
Apollo Lead
Apollo Consolidated Gold Mine Surface/Underground Lead
Apollo Mine Underground Lead
Aquila Lead
Beach Vein Lead
Brown Zinc Lead
Canoe Bay Unknown Lead
Chance Lead
Disney Lead
Four Bear Lead
Herman Lode Lead
Hog Lead
Irish Lead
Jyro Lead
Normandy Lead
Norms Vein Lead
Ochre Lead
Pmrgx-10 Lead
Pmrgx-13 Lead
Pmrgx-14 Lead
Pmrgx-17 Lead
Pmrgx-18 Lead
Pmrgx-2 Lead
Pmrgx-20 Lead
PMRGX-21 (Mud Bay) Lead
PMRGX-22 (Lefthand Bay) Lead
Pmrgx-24 Lead
Pmrgx-26 Lead
Pmrgx-3 Lead
Pmrgx-30 Lead
Pmrgx-31 Lead
Pmrgx-34 Lead
Pmrgx-6 Lead
PMRGX-6 (Simeon Bight) Lead
Pmrgx-7 Lead
Pmrgx-8 Lead
Pmrgx-9 Lead
Prays Lead
Pyramid Lead
Rhodo Lead
Shumagin Lead
Sitka Lead
Sitka Joe Manga Federal Lead
Surprise Lead
Unnamed (between Balboa Bay and Dorenoi Bay) Lead
Unnamed (east of Albatross Anchorage) Lead
Unnamed (east of Sapsuk Lake) Lead
Unnamed (east shore of Port Moller) Lead
Unnamed (near Renshaw Point) Lead
Unnamed (north of Simeon Bight) Lead
Unnamed (northeast of Canoe Bay) Lead
Unnamed (on northern Nagai Island) Lead
Unnamed (south of Zachary Bay) Lead
Unnamed (west of Knutson Lake) Lead
West Lodes Lead
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