Palmer, AK Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Palmer, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Arch Gold
Arch James Burns Mixed Gold
Archangel Gold
Archangel State Gold
Archangel Creek Edward E. Ellis Mixed Gold
Bailey Gold
Blue Quartz Mining Co. Gold
Blue Quartz Mining Co. State Gold
Bluebird Gold
Bluebird Claim Mixed Gold
Dixie Gold
Eldorado Gold
Fern Gold
Fern Gold
Fern Fern Development Co.- Fritz Kalmback, Owner Mixed Gold
Fern Gold
Fern Mine State Underground Gold
Fishhook Creek Gold
Fishhook Creek Mixed Gold
Galena-Gold James Wood State Gold
Giant Gold Mining Company Gold
Gold Cord Gold
Gold Cord Gold
Gold Cord Gold
Gold Cord Fraction Gold Cord Mining Milling And Power Co. Mixed Gold
Gold Quartz Gold
Gold Standard 1-2 Mixed Gold
Good Hope Gold
Hatcher Creek Gold
Highway Gold
Highway Federal Gold
Hilltop Lode Nos. 1 & 2 L. D. Roach Mixed Gold
Holland Gold
Homebuilder Gold
Homebuilder State Gold
Independence Gold
Independence State Gold
Independence Alaska Hard Rock Inc. Mixed Underground Gold
Independence Gold
Independence Mine State Gold
J. B. Wilson State Gold
Jennings Group Mixed Gold
Juneau 1-10 Smith, A. W. State Gold
Keystone Gold
Lane Gold
Lane State Gold
Little Gem Mrak, William And Eleanor State Gold
Little Gem (Hatcher) Gold
Lonesome Gold
Lonesome Hill, H. M. And S. L. State Gold
Mabel Gold
Martin Gold
Martin Mabel Mining Milling And Power Co. Mixed Gold
Mary Ann Gold
Mary Ann State Gold
Maverick Gold
Miller Gold
Miller State Gold
Mogul Gold
Mogul State Gold
Mohawk Gold
Moose Creek Mixed Gold
North Fork Kashwitna River State Gold
Old Joe 1-2 State Gold
Opal Gold
Opal Dave Skarstad And Oscar Laubner Mixed Gold
Peters Creek Gold
Rae Gold
Rae-Wallace Gold
Rae-Wallace Rae-Wallace Mining Co. Mixed Gold
Reed Creek Copper State Gold
Rogers & Ileen Mcintire Mixed Gold
Rutland Gold
Smith and Sutherland Gold
Snow King Clayton Rasmussen State Gold
Snowbird Gold
Stiles Gold
Talkeetna Gold
Talkeetna Fern Gold Mining Co., Inc. Mixed Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Gold
Webfoot Gold
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