Kobuk, AK Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Kobuk, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ambler River Valley Mixed Gold
Angeti Unit Federal Gold
Arctic Gold
Arctic 1-46 Kennecott Corp. Mixed Surface Gold
Arctic Prospect Kennecott (Bear Creek) State Gold
B.T., Z, & Cynbad Groups Sunshine Mining Co.- Elton R. Modroo State Gold
Bear Cr. Mng. Co. Private Gold
Bornite, Ruby Creek Gold
Boulder Creek Federal Gold
California Creek Gold
California Creek Gold
California Creek Placer Gold
California Creek Placer Mine Gold
Canyon Creek Gold
Dahl Creek Ivan Stewart BLM Administrative Area Gold
Dd Group State Gold
Giahugus State Gold
Harvey, Joseph Federal Gold
Isaac Douglas State Gold
Jay Creek Gold
Jay Creek Private Gold
Kady Gold
Kady Occurrence National Park Gold
Kogoluktuk T 23n, R 11e State Gold
Lower Dahl Creek Gold
Lynx Creek Gold
Lynx Creek Gold
Lynx Creek Placer Gold
Lynx Creek Placer Mine Gold
Midas Creek Gold
Midas Creek Federal Gold
Nel Group State Gold
Nigikpalvgururvrak Creek Gold
Nigikpalvgururvrak Creek Federal Gold
Oomik State Gold
Pardner's Hill Gold
Pearl Creek Gold
Pearl Creek Federal Gold
Pip & Ava Groups State Gold
Quartz Hill Federal Gold
Radio & Glacier Creeks Gold
Rass Group State Gold
Riley Creek Gold
Riley Creek Private Gold
Riley Creek Lode Private Gold
Ruby Creek Private Gold
Ryan Creek Private Gold
Shishakshinovik Pass State Gold
Snare Creek Gold
Thomas Douglas State Gold
Tommy Lee Claims State Gold
Trinity Creek Gold
Tunukuchiak Creek Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed (northwest of Mauneluk River) Gold
Unnamed (southeast of Zane Pass) Gold
Unnamed (upper Wesley Creek area) Gold
Upper Dahl Creek Gold
Vidlee Gold
Vidlee Occurrence National Park Gold
Wesley Creek Gold
Wesley Creek Occurrence Gold
Wesley Creek Placer Gold
Wesley Creek Placer Occurrence Gold
West Kivliktort Gold
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