Haines Borough, AK Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Haines Borough, AK

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Cap Lead
Cap Deposit Alyu Mining Corp. Federal Lead
Comstock Tin National Forest Lead
Glacier Creek Lead
Glacier Creek Barite-Silver Prospect Lead
Glacier Creek Lode Alyu Mining Corp. Federal Lead
Glacier Creek Prospect Lead
Hanging Glacier Lead
Hanging Glacier Alyu Mining Corp. Federal Lead
Howard Bay Prospect National Forest Lead
Kings View Dale Henkins National Wilderness Lead
Lucky Six Claims National Forest Lead
McKinley Creek Lode Private Lead
Merrill's Silver Lead
Mount Henry Clay Lead
Nunatak Lead
Nunatak Alyu Mining Corp. Federal Lead
Point Howard Silver Dale Henkins Federal Lead
Porcupine Creek Placer Lead
Red Creek Lead
Summit Creek Lead
Tom Wall Group Federal Lead
Tsirku Silver Lead
Unnamed (near Mount Seltat) Lead
Unnamed (near Tsirku Glacier ) Lead
Unnamed (on Glacier Creek) Lead
Unnamed (on southern Chilkat Peninsula) Lead
Unnamed (on west side of Little Jarvis Glacier) Lead
Unnamed (south of Jarvis Glacier) Lead
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