Ester, AK Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Ester, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ace Creek Gold
Alabam Creek Gold
Amy Creek Gold
Amy Creek-Fanny Gulch Larry Nelson Gold
Barker and McQueen Gold
Barker and Mcqueen George Mc Coy, Thomas Garrett, Cloda Rowley State Gold
Bear Creek Unknown Gold
Big Blue State Gold
Big Blue Gold
Billy Sunday Gold
Blue Bonanza Gold
Blue Bonanza Mixed Gold
Bonanza Cr State Gold
Bonanza Creek Bonanza Creek Mining Co. State Gold
Bondholder Gold
Boobec 1-2 Mixed Gold
Butte Creek Gold
Cache Creek Trib BLM Administrative Area Gold
Camp Bird Gold
Carson Holt Placer Carson Holt Co.-Carson P. Holt Mixed Gold
Clipper Gold
Cottonblossom Gold
Cottonblossom Mixed Gold
Cripple Creek Gold
Crown Point Gold
Crown Point Regents Of University Of Alaska Mixed Gold
Dominion Creek BLM Administrative Area Gold
Dorothy and Dorice Gold
Elmes Gold
Elmes Mixed Gold
Emma Creek Gold
Emma Creek State Gold
Ester Creek Gold
Ester Creek Gold
Ester Creek Gold
Ester Creek Gold
Ester Creek Placer Gold
Ester Dome Tri-Con Mining, Inc. Mixed Gold
Ester Dome Area Gold
Eureka Gold
Eva Creek Gold
Eva Quartz Co. Prospect State Gold
Fair Chance Gold
Fairbanks Area BLM Administrative Area Gold
Farmer Gold
Farmer Gold
First Chance Gold
Flagler Gold
Flagler Prospects Mixed Gold
Flower Mixed Gold
Fluff 1-6 Gold
Gale Gold
Gale Mixed Gold
Gold Bottom Assn. Estorffe, William Gold
Gold Hill Gold
Gold King Creek Gold
Gold King Creek Gold King Placers State Gold
Gold King Creek Gold
Gold King Creek Placer Gold
Golden Champion Exploration Orbite V. S. P. A. State Gold
Goldstream Creek Gold
Grant Gold
Grant Mine Gold
Grant Mine Easter Dome Project Silverado Mines Ltd. State Underground Gold
Guess Who No. 1 Farrenback, Roy Gold
Happy Cr Paul Drazenovich, Tom Grenac, And Loyd Pfleuger State Gold
Happy Creek Gold
Happy Creek Mixed Gold
Happy Ridge Bettis, William And Lois State Gold
Hearst Creek Gold
Hegan and Lefebre Gold
Hess & Thomas Mixed Gold
Hess and Thomas Gold
Hilltop Zone Gateway Mining Co. Mixed Surface Gold
Hudson Gold
Hudson Bros. Mixed Gold
Irad Gold
Irishman Gold
Killarney Gold
Koegley Gold
Koegley Mixed Gold
Last Chance Gold
Left Fork Cache Creek Trib State Gold
Lepsoe Gold
Lepsoe Prospect Henrick Lepsoe State Gold
Liberty John Mcginn State Gold
Lincoln Gold
Little Dome Creek Mixed Gold
Little Flower Gold
Little Nugget Creek Gold
Little Nugget Creek State Gold
Lookout Gold
Lookout Faynette Wooley State Gold
Lost Horse Creek Anderson, Charles And Tury F. Gold
Lucille Creek Gold
Lucille Creek Gold
Lucky Creek (also known as Goodluck Creek) Gold
Macomb Gold
Macomb State Gold
Maloney Mixed Gold
Mccord Creek E. A Meffley And C. B. Green Gold
McDonald Gold
McQueen Gold
Michley Gold
Michley Mixed Gold
Mohawk Gold
Mohawk Mine Gold
Mohawk Mine Gold
Moose Creek Tributary of Hess BLM Administrative Area Gold
Moose Gulch Gold
Mother Gold
Mother Bill H. Townsend And Harley R. Mckibben State Gold
Nugget Creek Gold
Nugget Creek, Trib Goldstream G. Kroshus State Gold
O'Connor Creek Gold
O'Connor Creek State Gold
Ohio Creek State Gold
Olive Creek Gold
Olive Creek John Millhouse Gold
Olive Creek Gold
Olive Creek Placer Gold
Our Creek Gold
Our Creek Farrenback, Roy Gold
Parker Gold
Prometheus Gold
Ready Bullion Gold
Ready Bullion Harold Hassel Mixed Gold
Ready Bullion Gold
Ready Bullion #2 Cripple Creek Mining And Development Mixed Gold
Ready Bullion Creek Gold
Ready Bullion Creek Gerald Lee Hassel And Marion Shafer Mixed Gold
Ready Bullion Creek Placers Ready Bullion Mng. Co. (H. Hassel) Mixed Gold
Rhyolite Gold
Rogach Gold
Royal Flush Gold
Royal Flush Maxine M. Carson And Dennis L. Stull Mixed Gold
Ryan Lode Gold
Ryan Lode Leach Citigold Alaska State Gold
Ryan Mine Gold
Ryan Mine Gold
Saint (St.) Patrick Creek Gold
Sanford Gold
Sanford Charles And Hazel Wehner And Bill Curtis Mixed Gold
Sheep Creek Gold
Silver Dollar Gold
Social Security Gold
Social Security State Gold
South Fork Hess Creek Unknown Gold
St. Patrick Cr P. Drazenovich Mixed Gold
St. Patrick, Ace Creeks Mixed Gold
St. Paul Gold
St. Paul Group John P. Yogis Mixed Gold
Stay Gold
Steel Creek Gold
Steel Creek Unknown Gold
Steel Creek Occurrence Gold
Tanana River Placer At Fairbanks State Gold
Tyndall and Finn Gold
Unnamed (Hattie Creek) Gold
Unnamed (head of Eva Creek) Gold
Vuyovich Gold
Vuyovich Gold
Vuyovich Davis, B. V. State Gold
Wandering Jew Gold
Wandering Jew L. Lounsbury State Gold
Wilbur Creek Gold
Wilbur Creek-Tolovana River Bently Falls Gold
Yellow Eagle Gold
Yellow Jacket State Gold
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