Chicken, AK Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Chicken, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alder Creek Twin Dome Mines (Attn.-Roy Miettienen). Federal Gold
Alder Creek Placer Gold
Apex, Lilliwig Creek Federal Gold
Arctic Creek Federal Gold
Atwater Bar Cajen Minerals Inc. Federal Gold
Baby Creek Federal Gold
Ben Creek Placer National Park Gold
Big Mosquito, Gold Creek State Gold
Bonanza Creek Prospect Gold
Bonanza, Easter Lodes National Wilderness Gold
Buckskin Creek Placer State Gold
Bullion Creek Federal Gold
Butte Creek Federal Gold
Butte Creek Ultramafic Private Gold
Champion Creek Placer Federal Gold
Cherry Creek Birdsell Enterprises (Russel Birdsell) State Gold
Cherry Creek Placer State Gold
Chicken Creek State Gold
Chicken Creek Bill Meldrum Mixed Gold
Chicken Creek Area State Gold
Chicken Creek Placer State Gold
Confederate Creek Federal Gold
Confederate Creek Placer Gold
Dennison Fk., Fortymile R Prospect State Gold
Dennison Fork Federal Gold
Diamond Fork Creek Federal Gold
Dome Creek (tributary of Washington Creek) Gold
Dome Creek On Washington Creek Federal Gold
Dude Creek State Gold
Eagle Bluff Occurrence Gold
Eagle Creek Federal Gold
Eagle Creek Gold
Fish Creek, Texas Creek Federal Gold
Fishhook Gold
Flanders Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gold
Flat Creek Federal Gold
Flat Creek Gold
Flume Creek Federal Gold
Flume Creek Lode Federal Gold
Flume Creek Placer National Park Gold
Flume Creek Prospect National Park Gold
Forty Mile River, Mosquito Fork Federal Gold
Forty Mile River, South Fork Mixed Gold
Forty-Mile River, North Fork Federal Gold
Fortyfive Pup Russell Hammond Federal Gold
Fortyfive Pup Placer Gold
Fortymile R., Mosquito Fk. Placer State Gold
Fortymile R., North Fork Placer State Gold
Fortymile River, Dennison Fork State Gold
Franklin Creek Federal Gold
Franklin Creek Placer State Gold
Gilliland Creek Davis Mines (John C. Davis) State Gold
Gilliland Creek Placer State Gold
Gold Creek State Gold
Gold Run Federal Gold
Gold Run Placer Gold
Granite Creek Federal Gold
Hutchinson Creek Federal Gold
Hutchinson Creek Placer Gold
Ingle Cr Lode Federal Gold
Ingle Creek Lisetta Manske Federal Gold
Ingle Creek Placer State Gold
Irene Gulch, Stonehouse Cr State Gold
Irish Gulch Federal Gold
Irish Gulch Gold
Jack Wade Creek Placer State Surface/Underground Gold
Jay Creek BLM Administrative Area Gold
Joe Wilson Creek State Gold
Kal Creek State Gold
Krolikowski Mine Joseph Krolikowski State Gold
Liberty Cr-Walker Fork State Gold
Liberty Creek Lola Croley State Gold
Liberty Creek Gold
Lilliwig Creek Placer State Gold
Lilliwig Creek Prospect State Gold
Lost Chicken Cr. Placer State Gold
Lost Chicken Hill G. A. Hanks And Sons Federal Gold
Lower Jack Wade Cr. Edward Stugart Federal Gold
Lucky Strike, Mosquito Fork Tweiden, Olaf Federal Gold
Meyers Fork State Gold
Montana Creek Perley Colbeth Federal Gold
Montana Creek Placer State Gold
Moose Creek State Gold
Mt. Fairplay Gold
Myers Fork Placer State Gold
Napoleon Creek Bayless, Alice E. And Rambaud, John Federal Gold
Napoleon Creek Placer State Gold
Nugget Creek Federal Gold
Nugget Creek Federal Gold
Nugget Creek Gold
Nugget Creek Placer Gold
O'Brien Creek Federal Gold
Opal, West Chicken Mixed Gold
Ophelia Creek State Gold
Owl Crow Creek State Gold
Page Mine Bob Robinson-Page Mining Co. Federal Gold
Purdy Prospect State Gold
Purdy, Myers Fork State Gold
Ruby Creek Federal Gold
Ruby Creek Flourite BLM Administrative Area Gold
Silver Queen Federal Gold
Sixty-Mile River State Gold
South Fork, Sand W. Federal Gold
Stonehouse Creek State Gold
Stonehouse Creek Placer State Gold
Sw Walker Camp State Gold
Taurus Lodestar Explorations Ltd. Gold
Taylor Hwy Bridge Mixed Gold
Taylor, Barbara Lode State Gold
Turk Creek State Gold
Tweeden Prospect State Gold
Tweeden, Gold Creek Federal Gold
Twelve-Mile Creek Federal Gold
Uhler Creek Lou Schene Federal Gold
Unnamed Occurrence State Gold
Virgil Anthony 1-27 M. And M Mining State Gold
Wade Creek State Gold
Wade Creek George F. Robinson-Kavic Mining State Gold
Wade Creek Area State Gold
Walker Fork Heflinger Mining Co. State Gold
Walker Fork Velvet Federal Gold
Wall Street Creek State Gold
Willow Creek Lee Mining Co.- J. R. Lee State Gold
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