Tallapoosa County, AL Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Tallapoosa County, AL

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Al King Mine Gold
Alabama King Mine Private Underground Gold
Alabama King Mine Private Gold
Bird Song Pits Gold
Birdsong Pits Gold
Birdsong Pits Private Gold
Blue Hill and Gregory Hill Mines Private Gold
Blue Hill Mine Private Gold
Bonner-Terrell Mine Gold
Bonner-Terrell Mine Private Gold
Chisholm Prospect Private Gold
Chisolm Prospect Gold
Croft Pit Private Gold
Croft Pits Gold
Dent Hill Prospect Gold
Dent Hill Prospect Private Gold
Devils Backbone District Gold
Duncan Prospect Gold
Duncan Prospect Gold
Dutch Bend Ulrich Pits Romanoff Mine Gold
Dutch Bend Mine Gold
Dutch Bend Mine Private Gold
Eagle Creek District Gold
Early Pits Private Gold
Early Pits Mine Gold
Farrow Hill Devil's Backbone Gold
Farrow Hill Prospect Gold
Farrow Hill Prospect Private Gold
Franklin Mine Gold
Germany Pits Private Gold
Germany Pits Prospect Gold
Goldfield Mine Private Gold
Goldville District Gold
Goldville Pits Gold
Goldville Pits Private Gold
Goldville Pits Prospect Gold
Greer Prospect Private Gold
Gregory Hill Lode and Placer Gold
Gregory Hill Mine Gold
Gregory Placer Private Gold
Griffin Prospect Private Gold
Hammock Mine Gold
Hammock Mine Private Gold
Hawthorne Mine Gold
Hog Mountain Mine Private Gold
Hog Mountain Mine Chester Ballard Gold
Holly Prospect Gold
Holly Prospect Gold
Holly Prospect Private Gold
Houston Pits Gold
Houston Pits Private Gold
Jennings Lode Gold
Jennings Prospect Private Gold
Johnson Prospect Gold
Johnson Prospect Private Gold
Jones Pits Gold
Jones Pits Private Gold
Log Mine Gold
Log Mine Private Gold
Long Branch Prospect Gold
Long Branch Prospect Private Gold
Lowe Mine Underground Gold
Lowe Mine Private Gold
Lowe Mine Hawthorne Mine Gold
Maham Pits Gold
Mahan Pits Gold
Mahan Pits Private Gold
Mass Prospect Gold
Morgan Placer Gold
Morgan Placer Gold
Morgan Placer Private Gold
Owl Hollow Placer Gold
Owl Hollow Placer Private Gold
Preacher Gunn Prospect Gold
Preacher Gunn Prospect Private Gold
Silver Hill Lode Gold
Silver Hill Mine Private Underground Gold
Silver Hill Mine Private Gold
Stone Pits Gold
Stone Pits Private Gold
Stone Pits Prospect Gold
Tallapoosa Mine Underground Gold
Tallapoosa Mine Private Gold
Tapley Mine Underground Gold
Tapley Mine Gold
Tapley Mine Private Gold
Tine Burnett Lode Gold
Tine Burnett Lode Log Mine/Houston Pits Gold
Tine Burnett Prospect Private Gold
W.D. Mitchell Property No. 2 Gold
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