Piedmont, AL Manganese Mines

Manganese Mines in Piedmont, Alabama

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Cowan Prospect Bill Cowan Private Manganese
Davis Property R. W Davis Manganese
E.A. Jones Prospect Jones, Mrs. E. A. Private Manganese
Ezzell Prospect John T. Ezzell Manganese
Goshen Valley Manganese Prospect Private Manganese
Harbour and Thompson Prospects Manganese
Harbour Property Rev. C. B. Harbour Private Manganese
Jones Deposit Mrs. Ethel A. Jones Manganese
Knighten Deposit W. C. Knighten Private Manganese
Knighton Deposit W. C Knighton Manganese
Neddie Parker Property Neddie V. Parker Manganese
Parker Deposit Parker, Amos O. Manganese
Thompson Property Thompson, O. Private Manganese
Toll Property,Goshen Valley Toll, Stewart Private Manganese
Unnamed Prospect Manganese
Woodward Iron Property Manganese
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