Mobile County, AL Clays Mines

Clays Mines in Mobile County, AL

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Adams Dirt Pit Clays
Alabama Asphalt Paving Co., Inc Pit Alabama Asphalt Paving Co., Inc. Private Clays
Axis Clay Quarry Holnam Inc. Private Clays
Axis Mine Clays
Harris Quarry Clays
Harrison Pit Dirt, Inc. Private Clays
Jackson Creek Pit Jackson Creek Sand Co. Private Clays
Joe Yates Pit Clays
John Maples Pit John H. Maples Hauling Co., Inc Private Clays
Laidlaw No. 1 Pit Laidlaw Construction Co. Private Clays
Laidlaw Number 1 Quarry Clays
Maples Pit Clays
Mcconnell Quarry Clays
Mob 14 Clay Prospect Private Clays
Mob 2 Clay Prospect Private Clays
Mob 5 Clay Prospect Private Clays
Mob 7 Clay Prospect Private Clays
Old Shell Road Quarry Clays
Tommy Graham Pit No. 1 Mobile County Road And Bridge Department Private Clays
Tommy Graham Pit No. 2 Frank Jordan Construction Co. Private Clays
Unnamed Quarry Clays
Whitehead Pit Whitehead Construction Co., Inc. Private Clays
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