Cowley, WY Mines

Mines in Cowley, Wyoming

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bice Mine National Forest Uranium
Cowley Iron
Drinkard Property Uranium
Drinkard Property National Forest Uranium
Dry Creek #1 Private Gypsum-Anhydrite
Dry Creek #2 Federal Clays
East Pryor Mine Uranium
Green Lease Uranium
Green Lease National Forest Uranium
Gypsum Creek Area BLM Administrative Area Clays
Gypsum Creek Deposit Unknown Gypsum-Anhydrite
Lost Jack National Forest Gemstones
Marie Mine Unknown Uranium
North of Cowley Federal Clays
Old Glory Mine Fluorine
Old Glory Mine National Forest Uranium
Perc Group Uranium
Perc Group National Forest Uranium
Pryor Mountain Mine Uranium
Pryor Mountain Mine Unknown Uranium
Sage Creek Plant Private Clays
Sandra Group Uranium
Sandra Mine National Forest Uranium
Sandra Mines Uranium
Swamp Frog Mine Uranium
Swamp Frog Mine Unknown Uranium
Unknown Uranium
Unknown Uranium
Unknown Uranium
Unknown Uranium
Unknown BLM Administrative Area Clays
Unknown Mixed Gypsum-Anhydrite
Unnamed Uranium Unknown Uranium
Unnamed Uranium National Recreation Area Uranium
Unnamed Vanadium National Forest Vanadium
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