Okanogan, WA Mines

Mines in Okanogan, Washington

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Buzzard Lake Peat
Cameron Lake Bromine
Cameron Lake Sodium
City of Omak Pit City Of Omak Unknown Sand and Gravel
Columbia Chemical Corp Private Sodium
Cook Lake Bromine
Cook Lake Sodium
Cooper Antimony Antimony
Elgin Land Co Private Sand and Gravel
Geo Thompson Farm Private Graphite
Green Lake Limestone
Green Lake Limestone
Green Lake Mo Deposit Molybdenum
Happy Hill Unknown REE
Happy Hill Claims Sherman Creek Uranium Mines, Inc. (1955 -) REE
Hauan Lake Bromine
Havan Lake Sodium
Lake 36 Bromine
Lake 36 Sodium
Lawson Lake Bromine
Lawson Lake Sodium
Monse Abrasives
Monse Unknown Tungsten
Morris Lake Bromine
Morris Lake Sodium
Murray Lake Bromine
Murray Lake Sodium
Okanogan Private Chromium
Okanogan Limestone
Okanogan Private Stone, Crushed
Patterson Bromine
Patterson Lake Sodium
Penley Lake Bromine
Penley Lake Sodium
Rimrock Lake Bromine
Rimrock Lake Sodium
Riverside Private Stone, Crushed
Salmon Creek Limestone
Salmon Creek Private Limestone
Spring Coulee Pit Northwest Paving And Construction Co., Inc. Unknown Sand and Gravel
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