Hanover County, VA Mines

Mines in Hanover County, VA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Doswell Pit Bruce G H Private Sand and Gravel
Eastern Sales Mine No 1 Eastern Sales Corp. Private Sand and Gravel
Flippo Sand Pit Private Sand and Gravel
General Crushed Stone Company General Crushed Stone Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Hall Prospect Private Mica
Harris Prospect Private Feldspar
Monteplier Private Feldspar
Montpelier Mine Private Clays
Mineral Pigments
Montpelier Mine The Feldspar Corp. Private Stone, Crushed
Nolan Prospects Private Mica
Poteat No. 1 Mine Private Mica
Pruitt F G Mine No 1 Pruitt, Inc., F. G. Private Sand and Gravel
Range Prospect Private Mica
Rose Hill Mine Private Mica
Saunders No. 1 Mine Private Mica
Saunders No. 2 Mine Private Mica
Saunders No. 3 Mine Private Feldspar
Saunders No. 4 Mine Private Feldspar
Southworth Prospect Private Mica
Stanley Prospect Private Mica
T.F. Flippo Rea Construction Co. 0001 Private Sand and Gravel
Tosalma Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Stone, Dimension
Tosalma Stone Quarry Thomas E. Mccracken Private Stone, Crushed
Tyler Prospect Private Mica
Verdon Quarry Private Stone
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