Val Verde County, TX Mines

Mines in Val Verde County, TX

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Babb Deposits Babb, Walter Private Manganese
Babb Manganese Prospect Private Manganese
Capitol Aggregates Inc Operation Capitol Aggregates Inc. Private Sand and Gravel
Feely Prospect W. H. Allen Private Surface Manganese
Howard Draw Barite Prospect Private Barium
Howard Draw Mine Mills Ranch Private Barium
Ingram-Howe Deposit Ingram, Howe Private Manganese
Mills Ranch Barite Prospect Private Barium
Mills Ranch Mine Mills Private Manganese
Mills Ranch Mine Mills Ranch Private Barium
Murrah Cave Prospect Private Nitrogen
Oppenheimer Canyon Occurrence Dan Murrah Private Manganese
Oppenheimer Draw Mn Prospect Private Manganese
Reece Albert Inc Kelley Pit Reece Albert Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
Schnaubert Ranch Quarry Private Limestone
Shumla District R.R. WILLIAMS Manganese
Shumla Mn Prospects Private Manganese
Unnamed Occurrence Southern Pacific Private Underground Nitrogen
Unnamed Pit Private Sand and Gravel
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