Nolan County, TX Mines

Mines in Nolan County, TX

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Boothe Mine Boothe Brothers Private Strontium
Evans Prospect Ed Evans Private Strontium
Hillsdale Pit & Plant Hillsdale Gravel Co Private Sand and Gravel
Hopkins Prospect Hopkins, E. W. W. Private Strontium
Jordan Occurrence Joe Jordan Private Strontium
Lonestar Clay Pit Private Clays
Mary-Neal Cement Plant Lone Star Industries, Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
Maryneal Quarry Private Limestone
Maryneal Sand Pit Lone Star Industries, Inc. Private Sand and Gravel
Mcfarlane and Moore Prospect R. L. Mc Farlane, Moore Private Strontium
Scott and Roy Occurrence L. B. Scott, D. Roy Private Strontium
Somnerville Occurrence Private Strontium
Stevenson Property Hillsdale Gravel Corp Private Sand and Gravel
Sweetwater Gypsum Plant Private Gypsum-Anhydrite
Sweetwater Gypsum Quarry Private Gypsum-Anhydrite
Sweetwater Plant Private Gypsum-Anhydrite
Unnamed Quarry Private Gypsum-Anhydrite
Unnamed Quarry Private Gypsum-Anhydrite
White Hat Ranch-1 White Hat Ranch Private Surface Copper
Whitesides Jr. Occurrence Whitesides, Jr., Will Private Strontium
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