Kingsland, TX Mines

Mines in Kingsland, Texas

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Badu Hill Mine Private Surface Feldspar
Bedford Prospect Private Sulfur
Cactus Canyon Llano Quarry Cactus Canyon Quarries Private Stone, Crushed
Calcite Prospect Private Calcium
Capitol Marble and Granite Tx Pink Capitol Marble And Granite Co. Private Stone
Crabapple Creek Area Private Talc-Soapstone
Disintegrated Feldspar Private Feldspar
Granite Quarry Private Surface Stone, Crushed
Granite Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Hog Mountain Quarry Stone, Crushed
Honey Creek Deposit Unknown Magnesium
Kiam Pegmatite Prospect Private Bismuth
Kiam Prospect Private Underground Bismuth
Kingsland Area Private Talc-Soapstone
Limestone Quarry Private Limestone
Stone, Crushed
Molybdenum Prospect Private Molybdenum
Packsaddle Mountain Location Unknown Tungsten
Pearl Gray Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Pearl Gray Quarry Texas Granite Corp. Private Stone
Pit C Marble Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Premier Rose Quarry Premier Granite Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Riley Mountain Area Unknown Iron
Roberts Prospect Roberts Private Arsenic
Rose Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Schist Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Stone Quarry Private Silica
Stone, Crushed
Texas Arch Aggregates Limestone Qy Texas Architectural Aggregates Private Stone, Crushed
Texas Pink Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Williams Mine Private Feldspar
Williams Mine Private Fluorine
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