Fredericksburg, TX Mines

Mines in Fredericksburg, Texas

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bear Mountain Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Boenes Pits & Plant Wiirich Brothers,Inc. Private Sand and Gravel
Cherry Mountain Mine Fredericksburg Gypsum Co. (Div. Of Justin Industries) Gypsum-Anhydrite
Doebblers Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Doebblers Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Mollendorf and Son Sand Pit Mollendorf And Son Ready Mix Private Sand and Gravel
O. B. Hoover Prospects Mercury
Palo Alto Creek Pit & Plant Gold Paving And Aggregates,Inc. Private Sand and Gravel
Red Granite Division Stone, Crushed
Standard Gypsum Co. Plant Standard Gypsum Co. Private Gypsum-Anhydrite
Weirch Bros Behrends Pit Weirich Brothers Inc Private Sand and Gravel
Wunderlich Ready Mix Sand Pit Wunderlich Ready Mix Co Private Sand and Gravel
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