El Paso County, TX Mines

Mines in El Paso County, TX

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
(Facility) El Paso Lead Smelter Cadmium
(Facility) El Paso Refinery Phelps Dodge Inc. Private Copper
Americas Pit Sun City Ready Mix Sand and Gravel
Borsberry Construction Co Psp Pit Borsberry Construction Co. Private Sand and Gravel
Eagle Mine and Mill Clays
Edgar Park Pit Private Sand and Gravel
El Paso Mine Private Tin
El Paso Quarry & Plant El Paso Sand Products Inc. Private Silica
El Paso Smelting Works Asarco (American Smelting And Refining Co.) Private Copper
El Paso Sulfur Plant Chevron Usa Inc. Private Sulfur
Franklin Mt Tin Deposits BLM Administrative Area Tin
Hitt Canyon Prospect Private Copper
Hueco Pit Paisano Concreteco., Inc Private Limestone
Stone, Dimension
International Hortense Mill Mine Clays
Jobe Quarry No. 2 Borsberry Constco., Inc Mixed Stone, Crushed
Maria Luz Puentes Jose Puentes Concrete Contractor Mixed Stone, Crushed
Stone, Dimension
McKelligon Canyon Quarry Jobe Concrete Products Inc. Stone, Crushed
Montana Quarry Sun City Ready Mix Stone, Crushed
Newman Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Newman Pit El Paso Sand Products Inc Private Sand and Gravel
Paisano Quarry Private Limestone
Stone, Crushed
Paisano Rock Quarry Paisano Rock Quarry Limestone Crushing Division Private Stone, Crushed
R.O.H.K. Prospect Private Uranium
Section 10 Jobe Concrete Products Inc. Sand and Gravel
Southwestern Cement Plant Southwestern Portland Cement Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Southwestern Portland Cement Quarry Southwstrn Portland Cement Co Private Stone, Crushed
Tom Mays Park Prospect Private Arsenic
Unnamed Limestone Quarry Private Limestone
Unnamed Prospect Private Iron
Unnamed Prospect Private Gold
Unnamed Prospects Private Uranium
Unnamed Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Vowell Construction Company Pit Vowell Construction Co. Private Sand and Gravel
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