Duval County, TX Mines

Mines in Duval County, TX

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Benavides Mine Private Uranium
Bruni Plant Uranium Resources Inc. Unknown Uranium
El Mesquite Mine Private Uranium
Holiday Mine Private Uranium
Las Palmas Mine Private Uranium
Longoria Mine Private Uranium
Mobil Brelum-Piedrelumbre Plant Mobil Oil Corp Private Uranium
Mobil El Mesquite Plant Mobil Oil Corp Private Uranium
Moca Salt Dome Private Sodium
P P G Industries Plant P. P G Industries Inc Private Sodium
Palangana Mine Duval (Sulfur) Ppg Industries (Salt) Gypsum-Anhydrite
Palangana Project Union Carbide Corp Private Uranium
Palangana Uranium Mine Private Molybdenum
Perez Pit Bay Inc. Sand and Gravel
Realitos Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Realitos Pit & Plant Wright Materials, Inc. Unknown Sand and Gravel
Unnamed Pit Private Surface Sand and Gravel
Uranium Resources Uranium Resources Inc. Private Uranium
Wright Materials Pit Wright Materials, Inc. Private Sand and Gravel
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