Comal County, TX Mines

Mines in Comal County, TX

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Brauntex Materials Brauntex Materials Inc Private Stone, Crushed
Brauntex Pit & Plant Brauntex Materials Inc Private Limestone
Centex Ingram Pit & Plant Ingram, Rowland Unknown Sand and Gravel
Comal Unknown Stone, Crushed
General Portland Cement Plant General Portland, Inc., Trinity Division Private Stone, Crushed
Hughson Pit Hays County Gravel Co., Inc. Private Sand and Gravel
Hunter Pit Private Limestone
Kollman Pit Private Sand and Gravel
New Braunfels Quarry & Plant U.S. Gypsum Co. Private Limestone
New Braunfels Quarry & Plant No.265 Parker Brothers Andco., Inc Private Limestone
Odgen Quarry & Plant Servtex Materials Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Ogden Quarry Private Surface Limestone
Ogden Quarry Gifford Hill Andco., Inc Private Stone, Crushed
Texas Industries Cement Plant Texas Industries Inc Private Stone, Crushed
Transit Rock Crusher No. 2 Dean Word Co. Unknown Stone, Crushed
Txi Cement Quarry & Plant Txi Cement Co. Unknown Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Unnamed Quarry Private Surface Limestone
Unnamed Quarry Private Limestone
Unnamed Quarry Private Limestone
Stone, Crushed
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