Cross Anchor, SC Mines

Mines in Cross Anchor, South Carolina

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Allen #1 Mine Private Surface Vermiculite
Boyd-Whitmore Mine Vermiculite
C. Casey Mine Vermiculite
Canal Mine Private Vermiculite
Deshields #1 & #2 Mine Vermiculite
Deshields #2 Mine Private Vermiculite
Gideon Vermiculite
Gideon Mine Private Surface Vermiculite
Gideon Sillimanite Prospect Private Andalusite-Kyanite-Sillmanite
Grace Mine Grace Co., W. R. Private Vermiculite
Gregory Quarry Private Limestone
Hanna #1, #2, #3 Mine Private Vermiculite
Hanna #5 Mine Private Vermiculite
Hines-Suber Mine Private Vermiculite
Myers Mine Vermiculite
Number 8 Mine Vermiculite
Poole Number 3 Mine Grace Co., W. R. Private Vermiculite
Providence Mine Vermiculite
Simmons Mine Private Vermiculite
Tyger River No. 2 Dredge Metromont Materials Corp. Unknown Sand and Gravel
Vance Vermiculite
Warren Dillard Mine Private Vermiculite
West Mine Gold
Whitmore Mine Private Surface Vermiculite
Williams Prospect Private Vermiculite
Yarbourough Mine Private Surface Vermiculite
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