Veneta, OR Mines

Mines in Veneta, Oregon

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Basalt Quarry Gus Stores Logging Co Stone
Cleghorn Woolley Enterprises, Inc. Stone, Crushed
Cowles Quarry Willamette Quarries, Inc. Stone, Crushed
Elmira Clay Clays
Sand and Gravel
Fisher Butte Caroline V Fisher Stone
Fisher Butte Quarry Caroline V. Fisher BLM Administrative Area Stone, Crushed
Parker Clays
Parker Unknown Clays
Quarry Elpeco, Inc. Stone
Quarry C. L. Scoggin Stone
Unnamed Pit Elpeco, Inc. Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Pit C. L. Scoggins Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Pit Gus Stores Logging Co. Stone, Crushed
Wolf Creek International Paper Co Stone
Wolf Creek Pit International Paper Co. Stone, Crushed
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