Trail, OR Mines

Mines in Trail, Oregon

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alco Creek Mercury
Alco Creek Mercury
Ash Prospect E. C. Tams, John Carter BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Ash Prospects BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Banfield South Umpqua Mining Co. National Forest Unknown Copper
Basalt Quarry Gerald Erlinger Stone
Bonita H. S. Musson BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Bonita Mine BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Butte Falls Beryllium
Butte Falls National Forest Beryllium
Canyon Creek Mining Co. Uranium
Carlton Federal Pumice
Carlton Pumice
Copper Butte Prospect Federal Copper
Copper Butte Prospect Copper
Crumpton National Forest Clays
Crumpton National Forest Clays
Dawn Marie Claim BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Dawn Marie Claim Uranium
Dawson Mercury Prospect Carl Dawson Surface/Underground Mercury
Dawson Mercury Prospect Carl Dawson Mercury
Donaldson Mercury
Donaldson Prospect Mercury
Donaldson Prospect Unknown Mercury
Drew Mercury
Drew Mercury
Elk Creek Quarry Ohbayashi Corp Stone
Elk Creek Quarry Ohbayashi Corp. Stone, Crushed
Elkhorn Claims Carl Bergman Mercury
Elkhorn Claims National Forest Mercury
Evans Group S. E. Evans Mercury
Evans Group Mercury
Fabricators Quarry Fabricators, Inc. Stone
Flat Claim Leroy Wehde Mercury
Flat Claim Mercury
Gaines Property Harvey J Gagnon Clays
Gaines Property Harvey J. Gagnon Clays
Gravel Pit Sand and Gravel
Gravel Pit M. And B Logging Co Sand and Gravel
Hamlin Prairie Roseburg Lumber Co Sand and Gravel
Hamlin Prairie Pit Roseburg Lumber Co. National Forest Sand and Gravel
Harkins Mercury
Harkins Mercury
Jackson County Stone
Jackson County Pit National Forest Stone, Crushed
Kindschi Quarry Roy D Garren, Inc. Stone
Kindschi Quarry Roy D. Garren, Inc. Stone, Crushed
Lost Creek Dam Quarry Army Corp Of Engineers Stone
Lost Creek Dam Quarry U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Stone, Crushed
Lucky Cuss Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 David Crispen And Others Mercury
Lucky Cuss Nos. 1-4 Mercury
Mammoth Lode Copper
Mammouth Lode George Moore And Edward Pease National Forest Copper
Midnight Joseph Madden And Orval H. Peterson Private Mercury
Midnight Prospect Unknown Mercury
Mother Lode Mine Unknown Mercury
Nivinson F. E. Nivinson And F. M. Adams Federal Mercury
Nivinson Prospect National Forest Mercury
Pitt View Adams, T. P. Mercury
Pitt View Unknown Mercury
Poole and Pence Prospects G. R. Moore Surface/Underground Mercury
Poole and Pence Prospects Unknown Mercury
Quarry Gerold Erlinger Stone, Crushed
Rayome Prospect R. C. Brewer Federal Mercury
Rayome Prospect Unknown Mercury
Red Chief Prospect Mercury
Red Cloud Mine Mrs. B. E. Hanson Private Unknown Mercury
Red Hill Prospect Gold
Red Hill Prospect Gold
Roger's Cinnabar Properties Clays
Rogers Tiller-Trail Clays
Rogers' Tiller-Trail Clays
Rogue River Min Unknown Mercury
Rogue River Prospect Van Galder, A. C. Private Surface/Underground Mercury
Rowley Group National Forest Copper
Rowley Mine Peer, Edward S. Private Unknown Copper
Ryno Beryllium
Ryno Property Private Beryllium
Short Chrome Unknown Chromium
Short Claim National Forest Chromium
South Umpqua Mining Company Banfield Copper, Inc. National Forest Copper
State Highway Shale Pit Stone
State Highway Shale Pit Jackson County Road Department National Forest Stone, Crushed
T & M Antimony National Forest Antimony
T and M Prospect National Forest Antimony
T and M Prospect Antimony
T&M Antimony Antimony
Thomason Mrs. N. J. Bergman And Carl Bergman Mercury
Thomason Group Unknown Mercury
Tower Rock Prospect BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Tower Rock Prospect Private Uranium
Trail Site Jerry'S Shale Pit Stone
Trail Site Jerry'S Shale Pit Stone, Crushed
Trail Uranium BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Trail Uranium Canyon Creek Mining Co. Uranium
Unamed Deposit Rogue River Paving Co., Inc. Private Sand and Gravel
Unnamed Beryllium Claims Charles Lull, James Rhino, Grants Pass Beryllium
Unnamed Pit M. And B Logging Co. Sand and Gravel
Unnamed Pit Gerold Erlinger Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Pit Gerald Erlinger Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Pit Fabricators, Inc. Stone, Crushed
Wet Brush Prospect BLM Administrative Area Copper
Wet Brush Prospect Copper
Wilmar Quarry National Forest Stone
Wilmar Quarry Unknown Stone
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