Lowell, OR Mines

Mines in Lowell, Oregon

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Culp Creek Quarry Stone
Culp Creek Quarry Unknown Stone, Crushed
Fall Creek Quarry Mobile Crushing Co Stone
Fall Creek Qurry Mobile Crushing Co. Stone, Crushed
Fall Creek Ranch Mr. Page, Presumed Property Owner Private Clays
Fall Creek Ranch Clays
Gold Mine Gene Sapp Gold
Gravel Pit Oliver Crushing Co Sand and Gravel
Hills Siding Gordon W Tripp Stone
Hills Siding Gordon W. Tripp Stone, Crushed
Katmai Copper
Little Fall Creek Mazama Timber Producta, Inc Stone
Little Fall Creek Pit Mazama Timber Products, Inc. Stone, Crushed
Olga Kordon Gordon Weathers Stone
Olga Kordon Goprdon Weathers Stone, Crushed
Pitcher Prospect Mercury
Pitcher Prospect Mercury
Quarry Stone
Quarry Stone
Quarry Stone
Quarry James D Bainter Stone
Reids Flintstone Crushing And Construction Stone
Reids Pit Flintstone Crushing And Construction Stone, Crushed
Rock Quarry Stone
Rock Quarry BLM Administrative Area Stone, Crushed
Rock Quarry BLM Administrative Area Stone, Crushed
Rock Quarry BLM Administrative Area Stone, Crushed
Silver Stairs Pit & Plant Stone
Silver Stairs Pit & Plant Unknown Stone, Crushed
Snyder Ranch Arsenic Private Arsenic
Snyder Ranch Arsenic Arsenic
South Winberry Pit Stone
South Winberry Pit Unknown Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Pit Oliver Crushing Co. Sand and Gravel
Unnamed Pit James D. Bainter Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Quarry BLM Administrative Area Stone, Crushed
Weather's Pit and Plant Sand and Gravel
Weather's Pit and Plant Weather's Sand And Gravel Unknown Sand and Gravel
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