Forest Grove, OR Mines

Mines in Forest Grove, Oregon

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Basalt Quarry Vanaken Sand And Gravel Co. Stone
Carpenter Creek Quarry Vanaken Crushed Rock Stone
City of Forest Grove Stone
City of Forest Grove. Unknown Stone
David Otto Willamette Industries, Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
Forest Grove Clay Products Co Clays
Forest Grove Clay Products Co. Unknown Clays
Gales Creek Pit Stone
Gales Creek Pit Vanaken Rock Products, Inc. Unknown Stone
Gravel Pit Oregon State Highway Department Sand and Gravel
Otto Rock Pit Willamette Industries, Inc. Stone
Parkin Quarry Karban Rock, Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
Parkin Quarry Co Karban Rock, Inc. Stone
Unnamed Pit Oregon State Highway Department State Sand and Gravel
Unnamed Pit Vanaken Sand And Gravel Co. Stone, Crushed
Vaandering Crushed Rock Private Stone
Vanaken Crushed Rock Vanaken Crushed Rock Private Stone, Crushed
Vandering Crushed Rock Stone
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