White Pine, MI Mines

Mines in White Pine, Michigan

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
(Facility) White Pine Copper Refinery Copper
Beaser Silver Prospect Land was Homesteaded by Daniel Beaser Gold
Boston & Lake Superior Exploration Copper
Boston & North American Silver Prospect Silver
Carp Lake Mine Great North Mines Limited State Park Copper
Cascade Prospect Cascade Mining Co. (1864) Copper
Cleveland Mine Private Copper
Cleveland Silver Prospect Cleveland Silver Mining Co. Silver
Clifton Mine Clifton Mining Co. Copper
Collins Mine Private Copper
Copper Crown Mine Copper Crown Mining Co., Copper
Copper Range Copper Range Co. Private Underground Copper
Cuyahoga Mine State Park Copper
Derby Mine Copper
Eureka Mine Copper
George Hocking Construction Co Qy Private Stone, Crushed
George Hocking Construction Company Private Stone, Crushed
Halliwell Mine Copper
Howes White Pine Quarry Howes And Howes Trucking Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Hudson Mine Copper
Lafayette Mine Copper Crown State Park Copper
Lone Rock Silver Prospect Silver
Mammoth Silver Prospect Silver
Merryweather Prospect Merryweather Mining Co. Copper
Nonesuch Copper Mine State Park Copper
Nonesuch Mine Private Copper
Norwich Copper Range Co. Private Copper
Norwich Mine National Forest Copper
Ohio Trap Rock Mine Copper
Ontonagon County Pits Fox Valley Construction Co. Private Sand and Gravel
Ontonagon Mine Private Copper
Ontonagon Silver Mine Ontonagon Silver Mining Co. Silver
Pittsburg Mine Copper
Scranton Mine Private Copper
Scranton Silver Mine Scranton Mining Co. Silver
Sharon Mine Copper
Superior Silver Mine Silver
Union Copper Mine State Park Copper
Union Mine Copper
W.White Pine Smith Explorat. Copper State Park Copper
White Pine Copper Co. Extension Private Copper
White Pine Copper Div Copper Range Co. Copper
White Pine Extension Mine State Park Copper
White Pine Mine Copper Range Company. Private Copper
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