Saginaw County, MI Mines

Mines in Saginaw County, MI

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Albee Clay Sample Private Clays
Carrollton Lime Kiln Mill Mich Sugar Co Private Calcium
Day's Clay Pit Private Clays
E.Saginaw Clay Sample Private Clays
Saginaw Gravel Pit Sargent Sand Co Private Sand and Gravel
Saginaw Mill Wirt Stone Co. Private Limestone
Saginaw Rock Prdts--Carrollton Mill Saginaw Rock Prop Private Limestone
Sargent Sand Co. Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Shields Pit Martin - Marietta Cement Co. Private Clays
Stand.Mining Co.Clay Shale Pit Private Clays
Wickes Eng'Ng Matls--Saginaw, Mich. Private Graphite
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