Norway, MI Mines

Mines in Norway, Michigan

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Appleton Iron Mine Private Iron
Aragon Mine Iron
Aragon Mine Municipality Iron
Breen Mine Mineral Mining Co. Iron
Breen Mine Unknown Iron
Brier Hill Prospect Brier Hill Mining Co. Iron
Calumet Mine Calumet Ore Co. Surface/Underground Iron
Calumet Mine Private Iron
Caspian Const Co Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Deer Hunt Iron Mine State Forest Iron
Echo Lake Gravel Pit #1 County Sand and Gravel
Echo Lake Gravel Pit #2 Private Sand and Gravel
Emmett Mine Emmett Mining Co. (formerly) Underground Iron
Emmett Mine Private Iron
Felch Properties Hanna Iron Ore Co. Iron
Felch Properties M. A. Hanna Co. Private Iron
Felch Quarry Felch Quarry Corp. Private Stone, Crushed
Few Mine E.C. Eastman and Co., Marinette, Wi. Surface Iron
Few Mine State Forest Iron
Forest Mine Oliver Iron Mining Co. Iron
Forest Mine Unknown Iron
Hancock Mine Iron
Loretto Mine Loretto Iron Co. Underground Iron
Metronite Co.Marble Quarry State Forest Stone, Crushed
Metropolitan Mine Metropolitan Iron and Land Co. (formerly) Iron
Morisini Gravel Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Munro Mine Munro Mining Co. Surface/Underground Iron
Munro Mine State Forest Iron
Northwestern Mine Northwestern Iron Co. Underground Iron
Northwestern Mine Private Iron
Penn Mines Penn Iron Mining Co. Underground Iron
Rudy Olson Pit Rudy Olson Private Sand and Gravel
Saginaw Saginaw Mining Co(Formerly) Private Iron
Saginaw Mine Saginaw Mining Co. (Formerly) Surface Iron
State of Michigan Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Stephenson Lumbermans Mining Co. Private Iron
Stephenson Mine Lumberman's Mining Co. Underground Iron
Sturgeon Oliver Iron Mining Co. Private Iron
Sturgeon Prospect Oliver Iron Mining Co. Underground Iron
Tom's Iron Shaft Private Iron
Turners Exploration Unknown Iron
Verona The Verona Mining Co. Underground Iron
Verona Verona Mining Co. (Formerly). Private Iron
Vulcan Brick Co.Clay Pit Private Clays
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