Manistee County, MI Mines

Mines in Manistee County, MI

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Cecil Gronlund Gravel Co. Pit Private Sand and Gravel
Fischer Pit and Mill Sievert BrOthers Contracting Private Sand and Gravel
Klein's Clay Pit Private Clays
Kujawsky's Clay Pit Private Clays
Martin Marietta-Manistee Martin Marietta Basic Products Private Underground Magnesium
Martin-Marietta Chem.--Manistee, Mi Private Magnesium
Martin-Marietta Chemicals (Manistee) Martin-Marietta Chemicals Magnesium
Morton Salt Company- Manistee Morton Chemical Co. Bromine
Morton-Manistee Morton Chem. Div., Morton Thiokol,Inc., Ventron Division Private Underground Bromine
R.G.Peters Salt and Lumber Co. Private Sodium
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