Lanse, MI Mines

Mines in Lanse, Michigan

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Arvon Slate Quarry State Forest Stone, Crushed
Arvon Slate Quarry Private Stone, Crushed
Baraga County Pits R. H. Huhtal Sand And Gravel Private Sand and Gravel
Clinton Slate & Iron Co.Quarry Private Stone
Detroit Graphite Co. Graphite Quarry Graphite
Foy No 1 Pit County Sand and Gravel
Gomanche Creek Slate Quarry State Forest Stone
Huron Bay Slate Co Stone, Dimension
Huron Bay Slate Quarry State Forest Stone
N.East Branch Slate Quarry Stone
Northern Graphite Works Quarry Graphite
Northern Graphite Works Quarry State Forest Graphite
Rowland Lake Pit County Sand and Gravel
Sidnaw Slate Quarry State Forest Stone
Silver River Silver Prospect Silver
Skanee Area Copper
Taylor Mine Taylor Iron Co Private Graphite
Taylor Mine Taylor Iron Co. Private Iron
Unnamed Copper Prospect Private Copper
Unnamed Copper Prospect State Forest Copper
Unnamed Silver Prospect State Forest Silver
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