Haralson County, GA Mines

Mines in Haralson County, GA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ada Mrs W M Raburn Prospect Private Sulfur
Bauxite Mine Private Aluminum
Crew Prospect Gold
Dean Property Gold
Douglas Prospects Captain J. W. Douglas, And W. F. And G. C. Goldin Manganese
Draketown Dist. (Douglas Mn Prospect & Statham Property) Manganese
Edwards Mine Gold
Frazier-King Mine Private Iron
Gober Property F. T. Gober Manganese
H P Blackmon Prospect J. G Blackmon Private Sulfur
Hollins (Royal) Mine Gold
J Humphrey Prospect Private Sulfur
J.W. Thomason's Property Gold
Jackson-Mcbride Prospect Private Sulfur
King Property King, T. R. Manganese
McBrayer's Property Gold
No Name Gold
No Name Gold
No Name Gold
Reeds Mt. Mine Iron
Royal Mine Private Gold
Smith-Mccandless Cobalt
Smith-Mccandless Mine Private Copper
T.R. King Property Iron
Tallapoosa Copper Mine Private Copper
Tallapoosa Mine Copper
Tallapoosa Mine Private Cobalt
Tallapoosa Mine Waldrop Mine Private Copper
W J Speight Prospect Private Sulfur
W M Raburn Prospect Private Sulfur
W T Raburn Prospect Private Sulfur
W.M. Raburn Property W. M. Raburn Manganese
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