DeKalb County, GA Mines

Mines in DeKalb County, GA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Banks Quarry Banks Construction Co. Private Stone
Barber's Quarry Ralph Barber Co Private Stone
Big Ledge Quarry Davidson Mineral Properties, Inc Private Stone, Crushed
Fowler's Quarry Lithonia Granite Co Private Stone
Lawson Sand & Gravel Robert Lawson Co Private Sand and Gravel
Lithonia Quarry Gifford Hill And Co., Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
North Georgia Quarry Coffey Granite Co. Private Stone
Pine Mountain Quarry Braswell Granite Co Private Stone, Crushed
Pine Mountain Quarry Rennie Granite And Stone Co Private Stone
Pine Mountain Quarry Davidson Granite Co. Private Stone
Pine Mountain Quarry Barber Granite Co. Private Stone
Reagin Quarry Reagin Granite Co. Private Stone
Rock Chapel Quarry Georgia Marble Co. Consolidated Quarries Div. Private Stone, Crushed
Stone Mountain Quarry Stone Mountain Granite Corp. Private Stone
Vaughn Deposit Private Mica
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