Cave Spring, GA Mines

Mines in Cave Spring, Georgia

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ach Property Ach, Samuel N. Manganese
Alabama Company Property Alabama Co. Iron
Arrington Property Private Iron
Asbury Property T. W. Asbury Manganese
Asbury Prospect 1 Private Aluminum
Bader Property Bader, Herman P. Manganese
Berkstresser Prop Cave Spring H. L Berkstresser Private Cobalt
Bogan Mine Private Aluminum
Callahan Cobalt
Callahan Property Cave Spring J. E. Callahan - As Of 1919 Records Private Cobalt
Campbell Property Mrs. C. H. Campbell Manganese
Carr Mine White Mine Private Aluminum
Carver Property W. D. Carver Manganese
Cave Spring Bauxite Aluminum
Cave Spring-A Iron
Cave Spring-B Iron
Cave Spring-C Iron
Cave Spring-E
Cave Springs Mines Private Aluminum
Cuzzort Property J. C. Cuzzort Property (R. B. Cuzzort, Administrator) Private Iron
Emmett Sharpe Iron Property Private Iron
Estes Prospect Private Aluminum
Fite Prospect Private Aluminum
Gibson Mine Cobalt
Gordon Mine Private Aluminum
Hampton Mines Private Aluminum
Hampton Property George Hampton And D N Hampton Manganese
Hatch Prospect Private Aluminum
Hematite Mine Private Iron
Hematite/Oredell Mine Iron
Hite Mine Private Aluminum
Holland House Mine Private Aluminum
Hopper Property Joe Hopper Manganese
Hughes Property Hughes, Anna Manganese
Jennings Lot Manganese
Klondike Mine Private Aluminum
Lot 1017 Mine Private Aluminum
Lot 1158 Private Aluminum
Lot 1230 Private Aluminum
Lumpkin Mahan-Lumpkin Prospects Aluminum
Mccollum Cobalt
Mccollum Prospect Cave Spring Mc Collum, W. D. Private Cobalt
Mcginnis Property Mc Ginnis, W. C. Manganese
Mchenry Property J. C. Mc Henry Manganese
Miller Property Maud And Alice Miller Manganese
Montgomery and Phillips Mines Private Aluminum
Penny Mine Private Aluminum
Porter-Shippen Mine W. H. Shippen Private Iron
Reese Mines Private Aluminum
Reeves Prospect J. R. Reeves Manganese
Rock Run-A Iron
Scarbaugh Lot Manganese
Shaw Property Mrs. L. B. Shaw Manganese
Simmons Lot Sidney Simmons Manganese
Site Rr 2 Prospect Private Aluminum
Southerlin Property Lafayette Southerlin Manganese
Spence Property Spence, A. J. Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Warwhoop Mine Private Aluminum
Wilson Mine Private Aluminum
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