Cassville, GA Mines

Mines in Cassville, Georgia

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Akin Mine Private Aluminum
C.C. Brown Property C. C. Brown Manganese
Calhoun and Locke Property Calhoun, A. B. And Locke, Lois Manganese
Canty Canty Brothers Manganese
Cartersville Quarry Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Cartervile Distr.-C Barium
Georgia Art Pottery Co Pits Private Clays
Gilbreath and Other Mines Private Aluminum
Guyton Mine Southern Mining Co Private Iron
Holcombe Property Mrs R. E. Holcombe Manganese
Mumford Mine Ls Mumford-Owner Private Iron
Pitman Property Pitman, A. H. And O. A. Manganese
Quillian Berthel Quillian Manganese
Rupert D W Cox Prospect Private Iron
Unnamed Iron Deposit Private Iron
Unnamed Prospect Private Aluminum
Unnamed Prospect Private Aluminum
Unnamed Prospect Private Aluminum
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