Tehachapi, CA Mines

Mines in Tehachapi, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Amalie-Agua Caliente Gold
Amelia Mine and Mill Unknown Silver
Barbarossa Mine Gold
Bella Rufin Mine Gold
Bella Rufin Mine Unknown Gold
Black Hawk Mine Unknown Copper
Blackhawk Copper
Buster Tom Prospect Unknown Uranium
Caliente Creek Unknown Uranium
Cameson Lake Unknown Sodium
Carbonate Queen Copper
Carbonate Queen Unknown Copper
Claude Unknown Tungsten
Cowell Deposit Limestone
Dark Canyon Deposits Jesse. Hicks And Assoc. 7657 Seville Ave. Hunnington Park Unknown Limestone
Donnie Gold
Donnie Prospect Unknown Gold
Eisenman Claims Eisenman, Walter C. Unknown Perlite
Ella Group Gold
Ella Group Unknown Gold
Fickert - Durnal Prospect John S. Broome Mercury
Fickert Durnal Unknown Mercury
Filtrol Bentonite Deposit Filtrol Corp. 3520 E. Wash. Blvd., L. A., Ca. Unknown Clays
Gold Peak and Cowboy Mines Gold
Got Rocks Hansen, Homer A. Stone, Crushed
Hanover Gold
Hidecker Rock Co. Quarry Stone, Crushed
Hixson Lease John S. Broome Surface/Underground Mercury
Hixson Lease Unknown Mercury
Hub Prospect Unknown Gold
Iron Blossom Barium
Juan Dosie Gold
Juan Dosie Mine Martin J. Errecart, Piute, California Underground Gold
Juan Dosie Mine Unknown Gold
Kern Develop. Syndicate Quarries Kern Dev. Co. Syndicate Quarries Unknown Flagstone
Lee Deposit Limestone
Los Angeles Aqueduct-South Quarry Limestone
M & M Mining Co. Deposits Stone, Crushed
M J M Group Unknown Uranium
Mammoth Eureka Mine Antimony
Mammoth Eureka Mine Unknown Antimony
Minnehaha Gold
Monolith Cement Plant Calaveras Cement Co. Calcium
Monolith Limestone Quarry Calaveras Cement Co. Limestone
Monolith Quarry Monolith Portland Cement Co. Unknown Limestone
Old Cowboy Mine Gold
Shumaker Dg Pit James H. Shumaker Stone, Crushed
Studhorse Canyon Mine Antimony
Studhorse Canyon Mine Unknown Antimony
Summit Lime Co. Tungsten
Summit Lime Quarry Union Lime Co. Unknown Limestone
Tehachapi Mercury
Tehachapi Lake Clay Deposit #1 Monolith Portland Cement Co. Box 65947 Glassell Sta,La,Ca Unknown Clays
Tehachapi Pit John Clodfelder Construction Co. Unknown Sand and Gravel
Tehachapi Pit P. G. Barcott Stone, Crushed
Tehachapi Pit Sierra Piedra Co. Sand and Gravel
Tehachapi Pit Clodfelter Construction, Inc. Sand and Gravel
Tollgate Deposit Limestone
Unnamed Quarry Limestone
Wiggens Mine Antimony
Wiggens Mine Unknown Antimony
Zenda Zenda Gold Mining Co. Gold
Zenda Mine Zenda Gold Mining Co. Gold
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