Sonora, CA Mines

Mines in Sonora, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Anderson G. Mining Co. Gold
Arroyo Gravel Mine Unknown Gold
B Brown We Finch Ad Hunter Private Talc-Soapstone
Baer Gold
Baer Private Gold
Bald Mountain Gold
Bald Mountain Private Gold
Belmont Unknown Gold
Bonanza Private Underground Gold
Bonanza Mine Private Gold
Browns Flat Unknown Gold
Cowen Private Gold
Darkie Private Gold
Dickey Boy Private Gold
Don Pedro Gold
Dorsey Private Gold
Etna Gold
Etna Unknown Gold
Eureka Gold
Eureka Private Gold
Eureka Plumbago Graphite
Eureka Plumbago Unknown Graphite
Fairview Gold
Fisher Behlow & Ex Placer Private Gold
Fox, Hudson Calhoun & Ford Group. Underground Gold
Franklin Private Gold
G Bardoli and Bros Quarry Unknown Stone, Crushed
Gerrymander Cons Private Gold
Gerrymander Consolidated Gold
Golden Gate Gold
Golden Gate Private Gold
Golden Sulphurst Unknown Gold
Good Hope Unknown Gold
Good Luck Unknown Gold
Hathway Private Gold
Hilton and Mcpherson Unknown Gold
Hope Underground Gold
Hudson & Calhoun Gold
Hudson and Calhoun Unknown Gold
Independent Unknown Gold
Julia Gold
Julia Unknown Gold
Kaiser Private Gold
Keystone Mill Bedford Aggregates Unknown Stone
Kincaid Flat Unknown Gold
Last Chance Private Gold
Lazar Gold
Lazer Unknown Gold
Lewis Gold
Lewis Unknown Gold
Little Bonanza Private Gold
Little Leo Unknown Gold
Madrid Property Manganese
Magruder Gold
Magruder Unknown Gold
Mansfield Unknown Gold
Manzanita Underground Gold
Marine Dolomite Mill Merck And Co., Inc. Unknown Magnesium
May and Hunter Private Gold
Mcardle Gold
Mccormick Estate Unknown Stone, Dimension
Mcpherson Ranch Property Unknown Stone, Dimension
Mexican and Spring Hill Unknown Gold
National Unknown Gold
Nubaumer Underground Gold
O'Hara Private Underground Gold
Page Gold
Page Unknown Gold
Pedro Prospect Manganese
Pedro Prospect Pedro, A. L. Manganese
Pocket Belt Region BLM Administrative Area Gold
Protector Unknown Gold
Quartet Unknown Gold
Rainbow Private Gold
Reported Deposit Unknown Stone, Dimension
San Guiseppe Private Gold
Scorpion Unknown Gold
Sell Underground Gold
Sell Unknown Gold
Sevart Cons Unknown Gold
Sievert Consolidated Gold
Sonora Gold
Sonora District Private Gold
Spring Hill and Cowan Unknown Gold
Stockton Underground Gold
Stockton Unknown Gold
Stonewall Private Underground Gold
Stonewall Private Gold
Stuart & Morris Gold
Sugarman and Negro Underground Gold
Sullivan Big Bar Unknown Gold
Tanzy Underground Gold
Tanzy Private Gold
Turner Gold
Unidentified Workings Unknown Gold
Us Lime Products Unknown Limestone
Vandelier Unknown Gold
West Extension of Austrian Unknown Gold
Wooten Unknown Gold
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