River Pines, CA Mines

Mines in River Pines, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Baldwin Underground Gold
Baldwin Private Gold
Briarcliffe Baldwin, Last Chance, Nashville Gold
Chrysoprase and Moss Opal Deposits Unknown Gemstones
East Nashville Gold
Ebelbrau R. L. And Thelma L. Wolfe Gold
Ebelbrau Private Gold
Fiane Gold
Fiddletown Gold
Fiddletown Unknown Gold
Gold Mountain and Monitor Gold
Inez Underground Gold
Inez Private Gold
Inez Central Gold
Lorentz Property Gold
Lorentz Property Unknown Gold
Manhatten Cons. Underground Gold
Mccurdy Gold
Mccurdy Gold
Mccurdy Private Gold
Monarch Cons. Gold
Monarch Cons. Gold
Monarch Consolidated Private Gold
Nashville Mine Private Gold
Nashville So. Ext. Gold
Ontario Lodes Gold
Ontario Lodes Gold
River Pines Mining Co Gold
River Pines Mining Co. Private Gold
Sleeping Beauty Gold
Sleeping Beauty Gold
Sleeping Beauty Private Gold
Unknown Silica
Unknown Gemstones
Unknown Gemstones
Unknown Gold
Unknown Copper
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Copper
Unnamed Shaft Unknown Gold
Willa Place Unknown Chromium
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