Livermore, CA Mines

Mines in Livermore, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alameda Co. #39 County Of Alameda Private Manganese
Beraudiere Leslie Holm, Etal. Private Manganese
Beraudiere Mine Holm, W. And Ione, L. S., And L. J. Private Iron
Black Jack Leslie Holm Private Manganese
Black Jack Holm, W. And Ione, L. S., And L. J. Private Manganese
Black Jack Mine Private Manganese
Buranis Bros. & Co. Sand and Gravel
Buranis Bros. & Co. Municipality Sand and Gravel
Camp 9 County Of Alameda County Manganese
Camp 9 Merchant, Cummings Manganese
Cedar Claim J. H. Hardin Private Chromium
Cedar Mountain Hugh Walker Magnesium
Cedar Mountain Mine Vernon E. And Dorothy Rose Private Surface Chromium
Chaney Lease Frank J R Rodriguez Manganese
Clark Claim Chromium
Clark Claim Vernon Ralph W. Newman Private Chromium
Collins Deposit Limestone
Collins Deposit Private Nitrogen
Corral Hollow O. W. Mendenhall Private Manganese
Crosby Prospects Mary Gerow Manganese
Crosby Prospects Crosby, William Manganese
Dewhirst Mabel Newman Manganese
Dewhirst Mine Prindle,V. A. And H. R., Private Manganese
Douglas Mine Gerald F. Lafon Private Chromium
Douglas Mine Woodsworth, F. Private Surface Chromium
Dyer Prospect Dyer (Estate) Manganese
Ellis Ranch Deposit Private Manganese
Ellis Ranch Prospect Edward T Ellis Manganese
Freitas Prospect Manganese
Freitas Prospect Mr Freitas Manganese
Friggel Prospect Arthur A. Holm Manganese
Friggel Prospect Private Manganese
Gallagher Deposit Dan Gallagher Manganese
Gravel Pit Sand and Gravel
Gravel Pit Unknown Sand and Gravel
Gravel Pit Unknown Sand and Gravel
Hagemann Pit Pleasanton Gravel Co. Sand and Gravel
Hayes Ranch Deposit Edward T. Sachu Magnesium
Hayes Ranch Deposit Private Magnesium
Hellyer Pit Unknown Stone, Dimension
Jones Chromium
Jones Chromium
Jumbo Prospect Leslie Holm Manganese
Jumbo Prospect Overacker, Horace T. Manganese
Kelly John M. Kelly And May K. Devany Manganese
Kelly Mine Mrs Kelly Manganese
Livermore Pit and Mill Sand and Gravel
Livermore Pit and Mill Rhodes-Jamieson, Ltd. 333 Kennedy St. Oakland, Ca 94604 State Sand and Gravel
Manzanita Grove Chromium
Manzanita Grove Private Chromium
Menden Private Chromium
Menden Chromium
Mendenhall Mine Manganese
Mendenhall No. 1 Mine Private Surface Chromium
Nelson Bailey Mine, Newhall Holm Brothers Private Manganese
Nelson Lease Holm, W. W. Private Manganese
Newman 0 Prindle,V. A.,Hr.,1229 Holman Ave., Oakland,Ca. 94610 Private Manganese
Newman Cedar Mtn. Claim Or Mendenhall Mine S. V. Newman; Ralph F. Newman Chromium
Newman Estacia Property Mabel Newman Manganese
Patterson Pass Road Pit Jilchris Development Co. Sand and Gravel
Pine Grove Mrs. H. V. Mendenhall Chromium
Pine Grove Private Chromium
Q-1, Q-76 Pits Rmc Lonestar Sand and Gravel
Reay Deposit Fred Shidaker Manganese
Reay Deposit Private Manganese
Reay Deposit W. R. Reay Manganese
Ryan Ranch Clays
Ryan Ranch Unknown Clays
San Joaquin 7 Mine Earp Kh And Dn,Frybarger,H. B. Private Manganese
Taylor and Pitcher Mary I. Berk, Et Al. Private Manganese
Telsa Sand & Clay Co Unknown Clays
Tesla Sand and Clay Co. Clays
Sand and Gravel
Unidentified Prospects Chromium
Unknown Silica
Unnamed Location Unknown Manganese
Unnamed Location Unknown Silica
Unnamed Location Unknown Gemstones
Unnamed Location Unknown Stone
Unnamed Location Unknown Gemstones
Unnamed Location Unknown Manganese
Unnamed Locations Private Chromium
Vasco Road Pit Depaoli Equipment Co. Silver
Winship Properties K. D. Winship Manganese
Winship Properties K. D. Winship (Estate) Magnesium
Winship Properties K. D. Winship Manganese
Winship Properties Private Manganese
Winship Properties Private Magnesium
Winship Properties Private Manganese
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