Greenfield, CA Mines

Mines in Greenfield, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Arroyo Seco Unknown Stone, Crushed
Arroyo Seco Area National Forest Uranium
Arroyo Seco Creek Pit Granite Construction Co. Sand and Gravel
Arroyo Seco River Pit Clark, William J., Trucking, Inc. Sand and Gravel
Chalome Creek Pit South Count Sand And Gravel Co., Inc. Sand and Gravel
Clark Pit Sand and Gravel
Gold Occureence Private Gold
Gould Deposit Sand and Gravel
Metz Pit Sand and Gravel
Miner's Gulch Area Private Gold
Reliz Canyon Area Deposits Phosphorus
Santa Lucia Range Deposits Limestone
Schmidt Prospect Manganese
Unnamed Prospect Tungsten
Unnamed Prospect National Forest Molybdenum
Unnamed Quarry Unknown Stone
Wescott Ranch Unknown Molybdenum
Zabala Deposit Sand and Gravel
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