Waterloo, AL Mines

Mines in Waterloo, Alabama

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Beckham Hollow Tripoli Private Silica
Bumpass Creek Tripoli Private Silica
Bumpus Creek Prospect Private Iron
Doan Hollow Tripoli Deposit Private Underground Silica
Dry Creek Road Prospect Private Iron
Duncan's Chapel & School Prospect Private Iron
Florence-Walnut Grove Road Prospect Private Iron
Franks Prospect W. J. Franks Private Iron
H Prospect Private Aluminum
Horse Creek Prospect W. J. Franks Private Iron
Iuka Sand and Gravel Sand and Gravel
K Prospect Private Aluminum
L Prospect Private Aluminum
Left Fork Prospect Private Iron
Lester Hollow Tripoli Private Silica
Petty Branch Prospect Private Iron
South Camden Prospect Private Clays
Tripoli Silica
Tva Pit Federal Aluminum
Waldrep Pit Sand and Gravel
Waldrep Pit Private Sand and Gravel
White Hollow Mc Corkle Private Silica
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