Sylacauga, AL Mines

Mines in Sylacauga, Alabama

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alabama Marble Co. Quarry Alabama Marble Co. Private Stone, Dimension
Fulton Gap Iron
Gantt's Quarry Iron
Gantts Number 2 Quarry Georgia Marble Co. Private Stone, Crushed
H. Sherrills Iron
Herd Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Hickman Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Marble City Quarry Co. Quarry Marble City Quarry Co. Private Stone, Dimension
Morretti-Harrah Quarry Morretti-Harrah Marble Co. Private Stone, Dimension
O F Luttrell Prospect Private Iron
Old and New Quarries Thompson-Weinman And Co. Private Stone, Crushed
Shelving Rock Iron
Sylacauga Clay Pit Private Clays
Sylacauga Clay Prospect Private Clays
Sylacauga Quarry Sylacauga Calcium Prod Co Private Stone, Crushed
Sylacauga Shale Pit Private Clays
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Prospect National Forest Copper
Wesson Manganese Mine Private Surface/Underground Manganese
Wesson Mn Mine Big Grunt Mine Manganese
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