Mobile, AL Mines

Mines in Mobile, Alabama

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Flamingo Dredge Radcliff Materials, Inc. State Offshore Sand and Gravel
Halls Mill Pit Dba Rocart Sand Co. Private Sand and Gravel
Harrison Pit Dirt, Inc. Private Clays
Kerr-Mcgee Mobile Facility Kerr-Mc Gee Chemical Corp. Unknown Titanium
Laidlaw No. 1 Pit Laidlaw Construction Co. Private Clays
Laidlaw Pit No. 3 Private Sand and Gravel
Mobile Aluminum Refining Plant Alcoa - Aluminum Co. Of America Private Aluminum
Mobile Mine Ideal Basic Industries Co. Private Sand and Gravel
National Gypsum Mobile Plant Clark Sand Co., Inc. Private Perlite
Oyster Shell Products/Canal Plant Dravo Basic Materials Co., Inc. Private Calcium
Pierre Dredge Private Sand and Gravel
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