Lineville, AL Mines

Mines in Lineville, Alabama

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
A B C Railroad Cuts Private Graphite
Bains Prospect Private Mica
Barfield Mine Mica
Barfield Prospect Mica
Carbon Mountain M. J. Norrell Surface Graphite
Carbon Mountain Mine National Forest Graphite
Dye Prospect Private Mica
East Clay County Gibbsite Prospect Aluminum
Four Pits Prospect Private Mica
Gibbs Lubricating Co. Prospect Mica
Griffin Mine Mica
Lett No 1 and 2 Prospects Private Mica
Liberty Mine Ballard, Emmett Private Surface Graphite
Liberty Mine Private Graphite
Lineville Mine National Forest Graphite
M & G No. 2 Mine Private Mica
M and G Mine Private Mica
Mary Low Prospect Mica
Mcnamara Mine Private Mica
Peerless Mine National Forest Graphite
Suggs Beryl Prospect Private Beryllium
Unnamed Mine Private Mica
Unnamed Prospect National Forest Mica
W D Dye Prospect National Forest Mica
W H Lane Mica Prospect National Forest Mica
Walter S Smith Property Private Graphite
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