Cleburne County, AL Mines

Mines in Cleburne County, AL

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Abel Gap Iron Ore Mine Private Surface Iron
Abel Gap Mine Iron
Agusta Mine Private Cobalt
Agusta Mine/Stockdale Mine Iron
Anna Howe Mine Underground Gold
Anna Howe Mine Private Gold
Anna Howe Mine Crutchfield/Valdor Gold
Arabacoochee Placer Private Gold
Arbacoochee Lode and Placer Gold
Arbacoochee Placer Mines Gold
Sand and Gravel
Augusta Mine Iron
Augusta Mines Private Cobalt
Ayers Prospect Gold
Ayers Prospect Private Gold
Ballinger Prospect Private Gold
Bennifield Prospect Gold
Bennifield Prospect Private Gold
Brown Prospect Private Mica
Carr Creek Placer Gold
Carr Creek Placer Private Gold
Chalafinnee Mine Iron
Chalafinnee Taylor Mine Iron
Chulafinnee Copper Anomoly Copper
Chulafinnee Ore Co Mine Private Iron
Chulafinnee Placer Private Gold
Chulafinnee Placer Mines Gold
Sand and Gravel
Chulafinnee Taylor Mine Private Surface Iron
Clear Creek Lode and Placer Gold
Clear Creek Placer Private Gold
Creamer Mine Private Gold
Crown Point Mine Private Gold
Crown Point Property Prospect Gold
Crumpton Prospect Private Gold
Denson Prospect Gold
Denson Prospect Private Gold
Eckles Mine Underground Gold
Eckles Mine Gold
Eckles Mine Private Gold
Farmer Supply Co. Pit Private Sand and Gravel
First Woods Prospect Georgia Kraft Woodlands Div Private Underground Copper
G.E. Webb Gravel Co. Pit G. E. Webb Gravel Co. Private Sand and Gravel
Gold Ridge Mine Gold
Golden Eagle Mine Arsenic
Golden Eagle Mine Arbacoochee Placer A Gold
Head Mine Gold
Head Mine Private Gold
Heflin Mill U.S. Gypsum Co. Private Mica
Henderson Deposit Private Surface Manganese
Henderson Deposit Manganese
Henderson Deposit U.S. Gypsum Co. National Forest Manganese
Hicks-Wise Mine Gold
Hicks-Wise Mine Private Gold
Higginbottom Prospect Gold
Higginbottom Prospect Private Gold
Howle Prospect Private Beryllium
J and J Mining Company Mine Iron
Jim Fleming Mine Private Mica
Jim Fleming Mine Private Mica
Johnson Prospect Private Copper
Johnston Prospect Copper
Johnston Prospect Walker Place Private Copper
Jordan Mine Private Mica
King Mine Private Gold
King Mine Private Gold
King Mine & Placer Gold
King Placer Mine Private Gold
Kyle-McKelroy Verge-York Iron
Lee Mine Gold
Lee Mine Private Gold
Lee Mine Hicks-Wise/Head Gold
Lucky Joe Mine Gold
Lucky Joe Mine Private Gold
Marble Pit Private Gold
Marble Pit Mine Gold
Marion White Prospect Gold
Marion White Prospect Gold
Micaville Road Prospects Private Mica
Middle Brook Mine Private Gold
Middlebrook Mine Gold
Miller Prospect Gold
Miller Prospect Private Gold
Moss-Back Mine Copper
Moss-Back Mine Private Copper
Moss-Back Mine Pritchard/Lucky Joe Gold
Old Woods Copper Mine Private Copper
Old Woods Cu Mine Copper
Pat Ayers No. 5 Prospect Private Mica
Prince Mine Private Gold
Pritchard Mine Private Gold
Pritchet Mine Surface/Underground Gold
R. Stockdale Property J. H. White Private Cobalt
Reeves Shaft Private Gold
Reverend Mr. King's Mine Private Gold
Riddle Mine Private Gold
Schefner No. 2 Mine Private Mica
Section 5 - Arbacoochee Mine Private Gold
Smith Mine First Natl Bank Of Birmingham Private Copper
Smith Prospect Private Copper
Smith Prospect Copper
Stone Hill Cu Mine Et Al Copper
Stone Hill Mine Woods Copper Mine Private Underground Copper
Stringfellow Deposit Private Aluminum
Striplin Placer Private Gold
Striplin, Higgingbottom Prospects Gold
Sutherland Mine Underground Gold
Sutherland Mine Private Gold
Sutherland Mine Middlebrook Mine/Bennifield Prospect Gold
Trickem Copper Anomoly Private Copper
Turkey Heaven Kyanite Prospect Private Andalusite-Kyanite-Sillmanite
Turkey Heaven Mtn Deposits Private Andalusite-Kyanite-Sillmanite
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Iron
Unnamed Gold Prospect Gold
Unnamed Gold Prospect Gold
Unnamed Gold Prospect Gold
Unnamed Mine Private Arsenic
Unnamed Prospect National Forest Iron
Unnamed Prospect Private Iron
Unnamed Prospect Private Iron
Unnamed Prospect Private Iron
Unnamed Prospect Private Iron
Valdor Prospect Private Gold
Verge-York Prospect National Forest Iron
Washer Bank/Baker Bank/Tibbs Bank/Brewster Bank/State Line Mines Iron
William Howle Prospect Private Andalusite-Kyanite-Sillmanite
Wise Mine Private Gold
Woodstock Prospect Private Mica
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